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Plan trips for a post-Covid world in an intuitive way using our map-based itinerary. Create unique story-maps and bring readers along your journeys or colour the world atlas by filling your bucket list with memories of each trip. Starting a travel blog-magazine is now easily done within minutes and lets you publish and curate travel stories worldwide.

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An Easier Way To Plan Trips

Visualise And Map Your Trips

Organise the places you wish to visit and add all kinds of helpful notes - budget, duration, time, photos - on an interactive map. Or browse trips planned by others as reference for your perfect getaway.

A Different Way to Tell Your Story

Show Your Journey On A Map

Bring your travel journey to life using a map as the canvas to share your adventures and experiences in a novel way. Choose from 12 different map styles, add photos or videos, or zoom in and out to make your story even more unique and memorable.

The Best App To Document Your Life Travels

Complete Your Travel Bucket List

Colour the world atlas with places you've been to and places you wish to go in future. Add notes, dates, photos, videos and turn your bucket list into your personal travel diary to record your past travels in a memorable way.

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Start a Travel Blog or Magazine

Publish Your Travel Stories

With over a million photos from Unsplash at your fingertips, publishing your travel story and sharing it with travel lovers from all over the world has never been easier. You can also start a unique travel blog within minutes or curate inspiring trips and stories inside your personal travel magazine.

Collect and Curate Everything Travel-Related

Manage Your Travel Memories

Create as many collections as you want to organise all your treasured travel memories in one place, from photos and videos to trips and stories. Or better yet, discover and curate inspiring travel content from other collections.

Join an international community

Explore The World Together

Be part of our travel community and discover new places, cultures, travel tips and hacks from wanderlusters. Follow the ones who inspire you the most or browse and upvote the latest and most popular travel content in your personal feed.

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Built For Travellers By A Traveller

Designed and made with passion, The Travel Pad is an indie project by @timongty to foster greater appreciation about the world we live in through travel and discovery. No matter where you're from, you'll be more than welcome to find your place here.

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