Knoeshwaran Hindu Temple, Trincomalee, Sri Lanka

August 21, 2019

Koneswaran Hindu Temple lies on a high rocky promontary surrounded by sea. Its bears a history of over three millennia with its records indicating its roots in 1580 BC. Konswaran Temple dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva. Its at the head of Konesar Malai (Swami Rock) on the dramatic Gokarna bay. 

Women, men and children visit  the temple with bright colourful costumes for special prayer. Offering  plate of fruits with flowers and sweets  to gods by devotees were accept by priest of the temple and present these offerings to gods. Sacred ash or saffron powder is often distributed after puja and smeared on the foreheads of devotees. Fragrance of scented smoke, music with horn like flute and drums, and  chanting of Mantras add spiritual atmosphere to the surrounding.

 Devotees and visitors ties a coin wrapped in piece of cloth with a wish believed to granted.  Women expecting  a child hang small model of cradle  on the tree. Lord shiva is worshipped in the form of linga (a symbol of divine generative energy) fertility symbols and fertility rituals dominate Hindu religious practices.