Off The Beaten Track – The Most Exotic Places to Visit in Europe

October 11, 2019

The world plays host to the possibility of unraveling different cultures through visiting and being immersed in places: the capitals and well-known cities bring a lot to the table pertaining to this matter. However, as much as Paris and Rome are beautiful cities, let’s not forget the humble kids next door. Today, we bring you through a list of exotic and different places in the world, with interest to Europe.

1. Bruges (Brussels) 

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Once a merchant city, now a bustling area filled with many things to see and do. Bruges is no stranger to the atlas map, even though it always fall behind the shadow of the capital city Brussels. The picture-perfect medieval historic town center will make you wish you’re living in a fairytale. Also an UNESCO-protected historic area, Bruges is known for the castles and museums that depict the long-standing history of the place.

2. Strasbourg (France)

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Also nicknamed the Christmas town of Europe, this French town transforms into a winter wonderland every Christmas season. Wooden Christmas huts scattering around the city center, each one offering opportunities to treat yourself – stalls sell various seasonal products ranging from hot wine (vin chaud), Christmas decorations and even winter clothing.

For those who are intending to travel during the other seasons, fret not, Strasbourg has so much to offer throughout the year. The whole city feels as if it came alive from a fairy tale with its half-timbered buildings laced with creepers, brightly colored flowers on the sidewalks and bridges. A portion of Strasbourg is also recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This city has a balanced blend of both German and French culture because of its location.

3. Manarola (Italy)

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A small town at the coastal area of Italy- Manarola bursts forth with exploding colours. This town offers such a picturesque view where the sea meets land. A postcard perfection shot can be obtained in every inch of the tow. The narrow streets, short shop houses and random passageways all comply to a certain color tone of yellow and orange, the blue sea and sky adds a color shade that compliments the pallet perfectly. Manarola is the place to go if you’re looking for an aesthetically pleasing sight.

4. Grenoble (France)

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Mountains, lakes, cliffs, rivers, this French town has lots to offer for those nature-seekers. Grenoble might come off as unassuming initially but do not let first impressions throw you off, the hole-in-the-wall shops and hidden gems are scatted all over the city. Named as the “Capital of the Alps” and a city of art and culture, it is safe to say that all roads leading to Grenoble are intertwined or run parallel to a park.

The city also hosted the Winter Olympics back in 1968, since then, the sporty-spirit has never left the city, sports-lovers are due for a pleasant surprise. Whether is it for skiing or rock-climbing or even just enjoying the mountain views, Grenoble is a city with lots to offer for all. 

5. Seville (Spain)

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Some might experience ‘déjà vu’ upon stepping into Seville. The southern Spanish town was the shooting venue for many Hollywood films- Star Wars and Game of Thrones. The colossal Gothic cathedral at the historic center radiates a unique charm- something that blends old and modern.

The echoes of castanets and the strumming of the guitar accompany the Flamenco dance in lowly-dimmed Flamenco clubs: Seville is the heart of flamenco, also proclaimed as the heart of Spanish art. 

6. Reine (Norway)

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For those who feel a little more adventurous, travelling up to the Nordics can be part of your to-do list. Take a little trip to a tiny fishing village off Oslo called Reine. This little town is easily one of the most beautiful village in Norway. Located on the island of Moskenesøya, the village has beaches, fishing jetties, mountains and lakes- perfect for those who love the outdoors. Be marveled by the beauty and mystery of the northern lights in which you can spot in the town itself.

7. Turin (Italy)

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Turin might be one of Italy’s most unsung city with its claims as Italy’s capital of chocolate. In fact, Turin is the birthplace of everyone’s favorite Nutella spread. Food aside, art loves and museum-goers are able to find something of their interest in this city; museums and art galleries everywhere. Be enthralled by the art nouveau architecture found all around the city center. A perfect city for a walk, Turin has countless of arcades present to stroll through.

8. Salzburg (Austria)

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Salzburg is considered popular among travelers because of its rich musical history- famous classical composer Mozart was born in this very city. The award-winning musical ‘The Sound of Music’ is being filmed in Salzburg too. This city offers remarkable sights of roaring hills and rose gardens. Allow yourself to be carried away to the land of music and culture as you wander through the narrow clobber streets of old town.

9. Freiburg (Germany)

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Located in the south-west of Germany, this city straddles the Dreisam river and runs parallel to miniature streams. Priding itself as a future-focused environmental capital, this city is at the edge of the Black Forest. Follow the cobbled-stone streets through the historical town to find many French, Swiss and German blended cultural products. A rather inexpensive stopover for budget travelers too.

10. Porto (Portugal)

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A bustling city found in the southern hemisphere, Porto is a costal city in Portugal. The city is filled with charisma that overflows to even the most mundane city sights. Porto has the ability to turn the ordinary into extraordinary. Art is literally at every corner of the road from hand-painted tiles beautifying the metro, to street art against the stone walls

11. Rennes (France)

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Just a short 2 hours train ride away from France’s well-loved capital, Rennes is a quiet little town perfect for a short stay. Rennes is the location to be at for making day trips to Le Mont-Saint-Michel, the monastery on an island. This town has a vibrant nightlight for party-goers and has a huge student population. For nature seekers, Rennes offers a place for tranquility: Park Thabor. This park has a stunning collection of plant life, and a large bed of hundreds of rose species.

12. Innsbruck (Austria)

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Tucked away in the mountainous area of Austria, this little Austrian town host many ski resorts and is perfect for nature goers who are seeking mountain sports activities. This town has a blend of both city and nature. Being relatively quieter than the bigger cities of Austria, this town is a great reprieve for those who are seeking peace and relaxation. For fans of jewelry, Innsbruck is a short ride away from Swarovski’s Factory.


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