Other-worldly Landscapes: An Interview With Photographer Loic Lagarde

October 8, 2019

Meet Loic Lagarde, a French travel photographer based In Paris. With his gorgeous pictures in a dreamy colour palette, it's no wonder he's managed to grow a strong following of 270,000 cumulated. His style is almost instantly recognisable no matter where you look. 

Following his childhood passion for travelling, Loic pursued photojournalism in order to capture every unforgettable experience around the world, and share it with others.

"For me, photography is a great way to capture the light of an evasive present time that is always running away from us."

The Travel Pad talks to Loic Lagarde, as he shares his life and travel experiences across the globe.

Tell us more about yourself!

I'm a a native of Brittany, in the west of France. I used to be an electrical engineer, project manager and digital entrepreneur in the past, and switched to travel photography as my job to fulfil my passion. I'm also a 38-year-old dad with an 8-year-old son whom I bring with me on my trips anytime we can.

Your photos have such a dreamy and colorful quality to them. What made you choose to pursue such a unique style of photography?

Indeed, my photos are said to be bright, colorful and dreamy. This is my style. People recognize my pictures at first sight. I don't even need to sign them. This is my editorial line, my brand. Actually, it comes from my past passion for drawing and painting. Before getting into photography, I've always been painting and drawing since early childhood. Also, I endeavour to enhance each shot to make it unique.

Loic only started using Instagram in 2014, when he was already an experienced photographer with strong followings on Flickr, Facebook, and 500px. "I didnt consider Instagram as the right platform to showcase my work. At that time, it was a social media platform for amateurs willing to share selfies with filters taken with their smartphone." However, Loic notes that Instangram has rapidly changed to the leading platform for all the content producers, who have grown active there. "It's frightening because it looks like it will rule the world of creation," he adds. "I hope it changes in the future; being governed by a mass consuming social media with a black box algorithm is very worrying."

What is the one food from home you miss the most when you are travelling?

Cheese and Dark Chocolate.

Name one person who inspires you and tell us why he/she inspires you!

I've been already asked this question several times, and it's hard for me to give an answer. I don't have a specific person inspiring me. But I can give the name of Leonard de Vinci today because he is both a true engineer and artist. I believe that creation as the ultimate response to our vain mortal condition as human beings. André Malraux, a French Writer and Politician once wrote: «L'Art est un Anti-Destin » (Art is an Anti-Destiny).

What are some of the most interesting/memorable experiences that you have after travelling to so many places?

I have a lot of memorable experiences. The great thing with traveling is that it provokes a lot of memorable experiences. Besides dreamy photographer experiences like catching the crazy sunrise over Mt. Fuji on a quiet winter morning after a massive snowfall, I would say that most of my memorable experiences are about beautiful and unexpected meetings with people. This is why I love to travel. The great thing about social platforms like Instagram is that you can also meet people from everywhere in the world, and even randomly! I've met my followers from all around the world, including Kazakhstan, Sri Lanka, and Japan!

What was the biggest challenge you have encountered while travelling?

I actually don't see any challenge in travelling. But I have never tried to do something challenging may be. Like doing a world tour riding a bicycle.

What's your next project?

I have several projects in preparation. I have to work on them for now! :)

What advice would you give to your younger self?

This is a juicy question. I'm born in 1980 between Generation X and Generation Y. I've been educated in the X Gen mindset in which you have to get a steady life with this so called "career" after graduating with the best education, buy a place to live, then get a wife and kids. And the younger you do it, the better it is. It shows that you are smarter and quicker than the others… Well… that's BULLSHIT! That's not what life is about!

First, try to be yourself. Don't listen to those who want to teach you about life; don't do anything to make others happy. Be happy first by doing what your heart wants.


Never miss an update from Loic via his Instagram, Flickr, Facebook, Website, and 500px.

All photos courtesy of Loic Lagarde.

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