Top 4 Affordable Travel Destinations For This Summer

October 17, 2019

If you're thinking of affordable travel destinations, you should definitely consider your proximity to the destination and the period in which you plan to visit. All these factors come to play when seeking for inexpensive travel locations, and what may initially seem as budget travel can quickly break your bank if little thought is placed into planning.

To make things easy, The Travel Pad has collated a list of 4 countries across the globe that you can consider travelling to this summer at a reasonable cost!


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The low, everyday expenses in Egypt makes this travel destination an exceptionally popular one amongst our adventurous friends.

Situated in a historically-rich region of the world, Egypt is surprisingly affordable as compared to historically-abundant areas such as Germany and France. Of course, unlike these countries, tourists are advised to hire professional guides compared to free-and-easy travel. Though this might incur some costs, the amount is relatively inexpensive when considering other necessary expenditures, such as food and accommodation. Street foods such as a meat loaded sandwich can cost you approximately $1.20, and for fancy nights out, international restaurants can go up to $10 per person! Say what?

For students, it is also advised that you bring along your official student ID card for 1/2 prices on basically all Egyptian sites - a complete steal in my opinion!


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Known for its immaculate beauty, Poland takes the cake for being one of the cheapest countries in Europe to visit.

One of the benefits of getting around Poland is undoubtedly its cheap transport. Besides being able to journey on the aesthetically-pleasing modern carriages, travellers can save money by purchasing the Weekend Ticket (Bilet Weekendowy), which permits unlimited travel options on Polish Trains from Friday evenings to Monday mornings. Buses are also good alternatives as they sometimes provide cross-border routes to countries such as Berlin (Germany) and Budapest (Hungary)!

When travelling in Poland, one must also be careful to not fall into the traps of visiting the same destinations as other tourists. Sufficient research must hence be conducted prior to your trip!


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Recent improvements in security and tourist infrastructure, coupled with the low exchange rate for the peso simply means that Mexico is an absolute must-see destination for my North American friends!

Loaded with big beach resorts and cheap margaritas, Mexico is of terrific value to anybody travelling on a budget. One can find $20 hotel rooms and $1.50 meals, which makes this destination extremely wallet-friendly for that short vacation that you have always wanted to take. In progressive cities such as Mexico City and Panama City, the influx of tourists simply means higher prices. However, fret not! Their alcoholic drinks are still considered dirt-cheap (a bucket of 6 beers for $7!), so you should definitely save your partying desires for this country.



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Vietnam is truly a dream come true for travellers who are looking to make a bang for their buck. From themed hostels to ridiculously cheap transport options, one can definitely travel through Vietnam on an extremely tight budget.

If you're in Vietnam, be sure to download the main transport application (Grab). One unique characteristic of travelling in this city is the ease of getting to and fro places on a motorbike. In the summer especially, getting to your destination via the motorbike is exceptionally exciting as you get to experience the 'wind in your face' phenomenon. Under the scorching heat, this is definitely a must. 

Also, the city of Hanoi transforms into a complete rave when the night falls. The Old Quarter is the region's undisputed top area to go when looking for a party place, with local and international bars dominating every corner of the street. If you're looking for the native experience, be sure to sit around the bars with plastic stools along the road and pick up some drinking cheers from the Vietnamese!

Don't forget to visit the iconic 150-metres long Golden Bridge in Da Nang too!


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