Amsterdam: Sleep & Smoke

September 15, 2020

When in Amsterdam, have a good time.

Hotel Not Hotel

Hotel Not Hotel is likely the most interesting and fun place I have ever stayed in. It is a hotel, a museum, a hostel, and a bar all at once.

I know, I know. That doesn’t make any sense. Bear with me!

This magical hotel/hostel/museum/bar is filled with unique rooms. For example, you can rent an Amsterdam train car to sleep in, or a secret bookcase!

Besides the interesting rooms, the hotel is very open-air so it is super easy to connect with other travelers. Simply step out of your bookcase, grab a drink from the Kevin Bacon bar, and sit down with new friends.

I highly recommend giving Hotel Not Hotel a try if you’re looking for a great location, a unique experience, and the opportunity to connect with both locals and fellow travelers.

The Bulldog Palace

The Bulldog Palace, located in Amsterdam’s nightlife center Leidseplein, is the city’s most internationally recognized coffee house (Remember — this is Amsterdam. Coffee House and Cafe are two very different things).

As someone who doesn’t engage with the “gateway” drug that frequently, I was rather nervous walking into a giant coffee house. The thing about Amsterdam is that weed isn’t a big deal. No one cares that you’re there, in the same way, that no one cares when you walk into a bar in Chicago. If anything, you’re welcomed with open arms! Don’t be nervous. If you don’t want to smoke at the Bulldog Palace, unlike other coffee houses, that is fine. Order a drink and some yummy bar food, and enjoy the fun that is downtown Amsterdam. Additionally — the Bulldog places their complimentary house mix on the table. That’s right — go ahead and smoke for free.