L.A. Area: Short Day Trips

September 15, 2020

Those dreamy beach Malibu vibes we all hear about in songs couldn’t be more true.

We drove just north of Point Dume and found the empty beach pictured above. Can you believe this photo was taken in January? We had the most amazing day away from the crowds, swimming in the Pacific, enjoying hummus and some good beer.

While the smooth, golden beaches of Santa Monica and Huntington are wonderful — the drive to find a beach off the beaten path was 100% worth it. This day still stands as one of my favorite beach days ever.

Drive time from L.A. City Center to Malibu: approx. 1 hour

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The Getty Center

We saw Diane Keaton here!

That sentence alone should be enough to check out this place. If its good enough for Diane — then its good enough for you! And if you don’t know who Diane Keaton is…go educate yourself immediately with Annie Hall.

This incredible garden and art center floats above Los Angeles, with stunning sunset views. Even if you “aren’t an art person”, you can’t help but let your jaw drop for an open-mouthed “wow” while strolling around the grounds.

Since its larger, and slightly less touristy than the Observatory, I’d recommend making a half-day trip out of the Getty Center.

You may even have a celebrity sighting!

Drive time from L.A. City Center to The Getty Center: approx 25 min

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Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park is a great day trip for all sorts of people. If you’re someone who likes to simply drive around, the views are awesome. If you like to get out and go on a leisurely stroll, there are plenty of board walk trails available. If you’re like me and my pals, you can easily “off road” to some back-country trails and climb all over some boulders! Joshua Tree in many ways is like a giant playground for grown-ups. Lots to play with, lots to look at, and many places to avoid the crowds!

If you are able, try camping here, There are some nice campsites — and the stars and moon views are out of this world.

You’ll be reminded of just how small you are when you stand in Joshua Tree.

Drive time from L.A. City Center to Joshua Tree National Park: approx 2.5 hours

Featured Photo: Malibu