8 Best Reasons to visit Dubai in 2021

April 1, 2021

Dubai has always been a city of dreams, be it for travelers, working class, or even students. It has offered something great for everyone. While the city of gold never ceased to surprise the tourists with a new attraction every season, its continuous development has employed so many locals and expats from all over the world. The development that Dubai has seen over the past 20 years is monumental and an inspiration in itself. From just an oil producing nation to the world’s biggest tourism place; Dubai has come a long way and the recent pandemic cannot put a dent in its popularity so easily. Now that the pandemic initial panic is over and people are now more aware and settled when it comes to taking precautions, tourism industry of Dubai is gearing up to welcome its tourists again in 2021. With one of the world’s worst ever lockdowns, it’s now a high time people want to get back to travels, vacations, and journeys. So, here are 8 super cool reasons to start your post pandemic travel from Dubai.

• Best Festivals are planned for 2021

Photo by Osama Saleh on Unsplash


There’s something or the other always keeps happening in Dubai, but this year it’s bigger than ever. 2021 start will witness the famous Dubai shopping festival. As soon as the shopping festival is over Dubai is all set to witness the Gastronomy- Dubai food festival. It’s a treat of a lifetime for the foodies. From Michelin star chefs to the local cuisine; everything is going to be gastronomical. March will see Dubai celebrating art like nowhere else. Bringing together the biggest communities from the world, the art festival of Dubai is already making headlines. Other than this, the Ramadan celebrations, Expo, and so much more is planned to make you forget the troubles of 2020 and enjoy 2021 with a new ray of hope and positivity.

• It's raining discounts & offers

Dubai is all set to make you get weak on your knees with exclusive offers and discounts like never before. From the one on one free brunches to the weekend brunches that are a real steal deal, Dubai is all set to leave you drooling. Not only with food, but Dubai will also spoil you this time with astounding discounts on stay options too. From complimentary PCR tests to private swimming pools and beach resort spaces, Dubai has an offer for every class of tourists.

• Serenity & Magnificence of the desert

Dubai’s desert has always been the wow factor of the city and this time around too, with added festivities and recreational activities planned for the safaris in the desert; Dubai’s desert magnificence is calling you with open arms. From choosing to spend the night under the starry blanket in the desert to enjoying the hot air balloon in the sky with early morning safari experience; Dubai trip for sure is incomplete without the desert safari.

• Hospitality like nowhere else

Dubai hospitality has always been an over the top experience for every tourist. It’s like the whole city works towards making you feel special. From the moment you land at the airport to the moment you take off your flight back home; the whole of Dubai tries to make your experience unforgetful. And this year, it’s like they are all waiting for tourists to arrive and help their economy get back rolling.

• Best in class post-pandemic safety measures

Dubai has been one of the few countries who was able to control the pandemic early on and have taken extreme measures to make sure the pandemic scare is controlled. As a result, the cases has become consistently less and now with tourists now coming in the country again, safety measures such as masks and public sanitization is on top priority for the government. Sanitization centers, mandatory masks at public places, no littering, and utmost cleanliness is now a mandate in Dubai. Everyone including locals and tourists have to abide by it to keep everyone safe.

• Best theme & adventure parks in the world

One of the biggest reasons to visit Dubai on a family vacation is the fact that you get to see the best of the adventure and theme parks of the world, all at the same place. No more travelling to various countries and cities to see the different theme parks when you have the best of all here in Dubai. From one of the biggest indoor ice rinks to Waterland dream parks and desert safaris at the most luxurious and adrenaline pumping level; where else will you see a combination like this but in Dubai.

• Exclusive Inside country visa extension services

Not only for tourists, but Dubai also wants to make your stay as long as possible with credible services of UAE visa extension without the need to travel back to your home country. Yes, now to extend your stay or work in Dubai, you don’t have to go through the tedious process of flying back to your home country and re-applying for visa. You can now enjoy a Dubai visa extension service while staying in the country itself. All that is needed is your documents, existing visa and a nominal fee to be charged, that’s it. No more flying scares due to covid, no more extra expense on travel; you can now stay in Dubai for as long as you want with the help of UAE tourist visa extension.

• Iconic monuments to steal the thunder

Want to tick off visiting world’s most iconic monuments at the same time? Simple, visit Dubai. From the highest building in the world (taller than Eiffel tower) to the biggest Ferris wheel, Dubai has it all. In fact, the entire city is no less than an engineering marvel. Even the driverless metro is one of the fastest in the world. it is said that Dubai is always building something or other that 20% of all the cranes in the world are working in Dubai always.

If you are bored of staying home almost the last entire year due to pandemic and the traveler in you is dying to break-free and enjoy the best of the world, start from Dubai. It is the best place to start your travel and comprises of everything you can possibly expect from your travel.