Beautiful Lucerne, Breathtaking Switzerland

December 22, 2019

Being one of the most intriguing country in Europe as a travel destination, Switzerland was the first country I set my foot in as a part of my Europe trip. By this moment I’m writing this article, I’m on my way on leaving Switzerland to continue my exploration to Germany. Even right here in the suburbs, the beauty of Swiss’ summer landscape is still clearly visible, while taking in the form of broad farms and flocks of cows chewing on grass fields.

Even though the whole country is pretty from city to city, I’m here to share with you the most memorable one that I have visited in Switzerland. Lucerne (Luzern) is a city one-hour train ride away from Zurich, making it a perfect choice of day trip destination if you are visiting Zurich. Being a small city itself, it will be easy for you to conduct research on places you can visit in Lucerne, and I do encourage you to cover as much as you can. However, here are a few favorites among them all, including one hidden gem that will make your trip to Lucerne much more authentic.


Chapel Bridge

Probably the most popular destination in Lucerne, Chapel Bridge is just five minutes away by foot from Lucerne train station. It is said to be the oldest wooden bridge in Europe, where some parts of it is still in the original condition as it was built. Honestly, when I first planned my trip to Lucerne, Chapel Bridge was not on my top list of destination I look forward to, but everything changed when I saw the bridge with my own eyes. The Chapel Bridge surely is a lot more mesmerizing than in pictures. I could strongly feel the historical presence once I set my eyes on the bridge; I could immediately picture how it looked like seven centuries ago. The bridge is always full of tourists, but it’s not difficult to find a photo spot since the bridge is fairly long. You also have the option to take photos from the neighboring, modern bridges. But the main reason why I consider it as one of my favorites, is the fact that Chapel Bridge is not just a landmark to take a photo and leave. It’s a place to spend considerable amount of time enjoying a close view of Lake Lucerne! Whether it be having a meal, having a cup of coffee or even just perching on the sides of the bridge, the view of Lake Lucerne is one you won’t mind spending hours of your time for!


Mannliturm and Musseggmauer

Musseg wall is a building you can notice from anywhere in the Old Town area. One of the towers sticked to the wall is Mannliturm. There is also a clock tower called Zyt Tower which clock dating back as far as 1535. Most of the towers here are still in the original form as it was first built, only with a little renovation to vigorate its condition. Spending time in Musseggmauer will provide you with knowledge of how it was back then in Lucerne, and not to mention the stunning view of the city. My favorite spot for sightings is from the clock tower. There you can see the inside part of the clock and get to know how it works backstage!



Always save the best for the last. Being an adventurous traveler that I am, I left the touristy sites of Lucerne for a while to experience the real and authentic beauty of Lucerne. And into the woods I went! Bireggwald is a twenty-minutes ride away from the heart of Lucerne, followed by an hour hike to take you into a super-scenic view of Lake Lucerne from a different angle. Atop the hill, I was so taken aback by the scene that I remember letting out an audible gasp. An well-blended image of lake, hills and houses is one you can hardly find elsewhere. Bireggwald is located near a high-end residency area, where public transportation goes sparsely, so make sure you plan well ahead on how to get in an out of the area. Last but not least, it is hard to picture the beauty of Bireggwald with words, so I’m going to let these pictures speak for themselves.

The view atop Bireggwald
The view atop Bireggwald

When in Switzerland, spare some of your time to visit the magical city of Lucerne. It was undoubtedly a very positive experience for me, knowing that I’m leaving Switzerland with the satisfaction of having seen the “real” Switzerland. At least a glimpse of the whole wonder that it is. For you who loves history and architecture, Lucerne is a place for you. For you who loves the nature, Lucerne is the place for you. Take your time, immerse yourself, enjoy the view.