Prague, Beers, and Gothic bricks

December 22, 2019

Central & Eastern Europe have gained a tremendous boost in popularity this past decade. And among its many members, Czech Republic stood up high. Prague – its capital city, has served as the capital of the historic Bohemia for centuries. The city is also a major part of the World Heritage List. Closed and reserved for a significant era back in the days, Prague is now the place where tourists all around the world flock and stay. And all that is not for no reason.

I made a great choice of stopping by Prague during my Europe trip. The city surely packs a collection of beautiful destination and pretty spots, also not to mention the unique culture one couldn’t find elsewhere. A solid week of traveling around Prague should be enough to cover all of them. Despite the many, many unique selling points of Prague, I’m here to share with you just three of them, which in my opinion are more than enough to adequately represent the reason why Prague is one you have to visit at least once in a lifetime.


The city itself: PRAGUE.

New Town Prague
New Town Prague

Yes, the city. For a long time, Prague has been influenced by hundreds of culture, government, and religion. Prague is like a candy with multiple layers; sweet, salty, savoury, pungent, all blended into one. Walking through the city feels like walking into five different cities with respectively different vibes. Each neighborhood has its own little details which can leave you wonder. The Jewish Town is an area that I strongly recommend for you to explore, preferably by joining a guided walking tour. The history behind the area is one interesting story.

Due to the different eras and influences Prague has withstand through, its citizen became an open minded and friendly people they are now. You won’t probably find many local citizen in the Old Town area, so if you do have time you can go outside the area and interact with the locals. They are a happy bunch.



Yup, that’s it. Belgium is not the only beer country in the world. The whole Czech Republic is a die hard beer enthusiast, especially Prague. Beer has practically became a water substitute for generations, that it even reflected on the price. You can get a pint of beer for as little as 50 Kč (1.7 USD); that is pretty dang cheap! I took the chance to try as much beer as I can. Mainly because in Asia we can’t really have such a free and various beer tasting, so it was definitely a huge win for me. Honestly, some beers are great, some are not that great, but the entire experience was worthless! Do incline into the local Czech beers and make sure you get the unique taste it offer!

A pint of beer in The Beer Museum
A pint of beer in The Beer Museum (bar)

Gothic bricks

And I mean this in the literal meaning. Great architecture is one you will frequently discover in Prague. Mainly concentrated in the Old Town area, the Gothic design is probably the first thing you would fall in love with, better yet it is usually the reason why people wanted to visit Prague in the first place! Tyn Church, Prague Castle and Charles Bridge is where tourists gathered to quench thirst of architecture, just to mention a few. I strongly recommend travellers to ditch public transportation and walk all the way around Old Town to discover all of the architectural beauty the city offers. The style is present in many buildings like Apartments, stores, churches, et cetera.

The city of Prague
The city of Prague

Some people put Prague at the top of their travel list, and I get why they do. There are so many reasons why Prague is a nice city to visit, and I highly recommend you to do so. However, do watch out for the seasonality factor and avoid peak holiday season. The city can be very packed during the summer or holiday season, and you won’t likely get that perfect shot of Charles Bridge with endless wave of people walking back and forth. That was the mistake I made. But if you do get there, enjoy the city for the wonder it is, and drink lots of beer.