Teeny Tiny Thailand Island We Call As Ko Samet

December 22, 2019

What first comes into your mind when you heard the word Thailand? To me, I immediately imagine myself lying on my back in a calm beach, all alone in a secluded island with crashing waves and birds chirping through the morning.

Yes, it’s no longer a secret that Thailand is widely known for its gorgeous beaches evenly spread throughout the country’s coastline, making it one of the main attraction for travelers all over the world. Phuket is probably the most famous one, but it’s pretty far from Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand.

For you guys who plan to explore Bangkok and other cities, while also wanted to spare some time enjoying the beautiful nature of Thailand, you can easily find a nearby beaches which are comparable with the ones you can find in Phuket. I went to Ko Samet, and it easily became the highlight of my Thailand trip.

The famous bridge in Ao Cho
The famous bridge in Ao Cho

Ko Samet is a tiny island located in the Gulf Of Thailand. Only 5 hours drive away from Bangkok (2 hours from Pattaya), Ko Samet was a perfect choice for me who prefered to do a day trip to the nearest beach I could find. It’s possible to visit every major beach in this island in just a day, with the condition that you rent a motorbike and doesn’t mind spending 10 hours on the road.

Below is a short list of beaches I recommend you to visit in Ko Samet, sorted from the one I would deem as most memorable:

Ao Cho

Angelic angle in Ao Cho
Angelic angle in Ao Cho

The top of my list: Ao Cho! I was thrilled to have chosen this one particular beach to visit, since there are a lot of beaches on the island to choose from. Ao Cho is around 10 minutes motorbike drive away from the main port. One thing that made me fall in love with Ao Cho, is how the beach looked blue from one side and green from the other side!

Have yourself a little walk on the wooden bridge and you will see the magic. Ao Cho was also the place where I took a little dip in the water, since it was the one with the clearest water and mild temperature. And since it is located in the center part of the island, it’s not as crowded as the northern part beaches like Sai Kaew, but you can still find a lot of dining places and also some bars.


Ao Wai

The view from Ao Wai
The view from Ao Wai

Ao Wai is located further south in the island. The southern part of the area is where you can find the finest and quietest beaches. As one of them, Ao Wai consists of lovely white sand, with aesthetic-looking group of trees lined up neatly. The clear turquoise water is perfect for a refreshing swim or even just a little foot dipping.

There seemed to be no nightlife activity in Ao Wai, and the food choices were pretty limited because this beach is located almost on the furthest part of the island. However, Ao Wai can fit your needs of having solitude and calming stay in the island.

Sai Kaew

Beautiful scenery of Sai Kaew Beach
Beautiful scenery of Sai Kaew Beach

Probably the most crowded beach on the island, yet Sai Kaew didn’t seem to fail in delivering a nice beach trip sensation people are looking for. As the nearest beach from the main port, Sai Kaew is the center of lifestyle and activities in Ko Samet.

Despite its popularity and waves of tourist, the Sai Kaew area is very clean and well-maintained, with white clear sand and bright blue water. You can find many restaurants and cafe along the coast, ranging from cheap to the expensive ones. The better the view, the pricier it gets.

Sunset viewing point in Ko Samet
Sunset viewing point in Ko Samet

In summary, Ko Samet might not be the prettiest island in Thailand, but it sure can meet your expectation of natural beauty you’re hoping to find in the country. Pristine beaches, long stretch of sand and secluded position will surely provide you with a great memory of experiencing the long lasting nature of Thailand.

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