Dal Lake, Srinagar

A view of houseboats and shikaras on Dal Lake in the evening. Kashmir, India

The most popular lake in Kashmir’s summer capital, prepare to be charmed by the glistening lake, and the various houseboats and shikaras painted with a myriad of bright colours and patterns. Here lies the life of Kashmir: the floating gardens, the lively market, the serene mountains. There is much to do and see here; take a relaxing boat ride around the lake, stop and see the intricate hand-carved walnut woodwork on sale, enjoy some piping hot nun chai (pink Kashmiri milk tea) or kahwah (Kashmiri spiced saffron tea) as you sit back and watch the world go by. At dusk, catch a glimpse of the bustling river as it transforms into a glowing landscape basking in the golden rays of the setting sun.