What is The Travel Pad about?

The Travel Pad is a global travel platform for adventurers to connect, plan trips, publish stories, map their travels, create a travel blog / magazine and more. Whether you are a travel blogger, digital nomad, or simply someone planning for your next trip, I'm sure that there will be something here that would be useful to you.

The Travel Pad is free to use with an unlimited number of stories, discoveries (images or videos), and collections that you can create in your account. You can also choose to upgrade to a Pro account to unlock all features and customisations (and support the development of this site too). Join today by creating a free account here.

What can I write and publish on The Travel Pad?

You can write and publish anything you like that's about travel, culture, people, and places - it can be about your adventures and experiences, or recommendations and reviews of things you've tried in the past. Stories that are more personal and authentic would also tend to resonate more with readers and be more likely to get featured on our Trending page.

If you already have existing articles and stories on your blog, you can choose to republish and cross-post selected pieces on The Travel Pad to let your stories be discovered by more readers. You can also add canonical links to protect your original content and allow the search engines to determine and prioritize search results without any duplicate content penalty.

Feel free to drop me a message if you need additional help to import or cross-post your content.

Are affiliate links allowed in what I write and publish?

Yes, you are free to add affiliate links into your stories and articles. However, it's best that you add a disclosure either at the top and/or bottom of your story for full transparency and to protect the trust you have established with your readers and followers.

What happens when I follow someone?

When you follow someone, you will start to see more content from that person on The Travel Pad on your personal feed (in progress) as well as receive notifications and updates about their activity.

What happens when I subscribe to someone?

When you subscribe to someone, you are choosing to support and read more stories directly from a member through his or her email newsletter. After subscribing, your name and email will be shared with the member to add to his email list. However, you can also choose to unsubscribe at any time on The Travel Pad.

If you have no email list or newsletter, you can also choose to disable all email subscriptions to you and enable it at a future time when you are ready.

For greater convenience in future, I am also working on an integration with email service providers such as Mailchimp where a person's name and email can be added automatically to your email list after subscribing.

How do I add photo and videos on The Travel Pad?

Simply login and go to the create page to add your photos and videos. The ideal image size is 1400x800 pixels and not more than 20mb in size - your images will also be optimised when uploading so the larger the filesize, the longer it may take.

For videos, you just need to add the full url from Youtube (e.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHg5SJYRHA0) and your video will be displayed. Your videos are not hosted on The Travel Pad so any views would still count directly on YouTube.

How can my content get to the Trending page?

The more views, upvotes, and comments that your content have, the more likely it will be featured on the Trending page which showcases the most popular content on The Travel Pad.