Dubai & The Days With Them

December 4, 2019

When I said to friends: “I’m going to Dubai for couple of days next week”, they replied like: “ohhh you are mad! Dubai is awesome, you’ll have so much fun” and all that stuff pro-Dubai.

I’ve already been there and it’s actually one of the places that I don’t like: it’s good for 2-3 days then.. that’s it. It’s still a desert, with lots of buildings around.

What to do in Dubai?

1. Desert Safari: it was on my list of the things before dying, I did it last year. I’ll never do it again. I’ve almost died.

2. Bunjee Jumping from Burj Khalifa: I didn’t do it yet. It’s also on the same list, but I’ll go back there when I feel “my time” has arrived, so I don’t have nothing to lose. I’ll just jump. =P

3. Doing shopping: I went to Dubai shopping malls twice, only because the first day I didn’t buy anything and I was wondering “how come?!”. I tried again the next day, and the same thing happened: literally I didn’t buy anything for me, not even at Victoria’s Secret, which is usually my weak point. Nada de nada.

I guess every man would be glad to do shopping with a girl like me, except the fact that I walk around A LOT. =)

11040624_10204854960606455_2917313605753337783_n 10313596_10202768027234425_1096102460040182751_n 


Yes the view from Intercontinental Hotel was amazing! Especially when the sun was slowly going down…

I enjoy those moments: watching sunset, taking pictures, talking with friends, eating traditional food, laughing, making jokes at each other and yes, why not, working as well (checking mails, news, getting calls, meeting potential customers.. all is fine!)  =)

11008624_10204854954806310_3237593474147862817_n 10952799_10204854952926263_8024703925360224014_n 11032363_10204854990087192_4669852922246105956_n

But what is more important, and what made my trip funny and awesome was staying with them: my worldwide brothers. From Pakistan, to South Korea and China.

I’ve always wanted to have a big brother, but I couldn’t, so I found pieces of myself around the world and combine them to make my heart full and satisfied. =P

I feel like a little sister when with them, I feel protected, respected and loved: they are the ones who are always with me, and i’m always with them, and always will be, even if miles away. It doesn’t matter the distance when you know you can count on people.

Looking forward to meet them again and again.

10425083_10204854950606205_47425988494270212_n 10404493_10204854951806235_5827672999487764217_n 

10246660_10202768029274476_7913459651533290268_n 11021190_10204855019727933_4117537121329429983_n

Right now,I’m back in Colombo (lovely SL), planning my next trip.. cause “WE LIVE JUST ONCE”!

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