High Five, Lebanon! #50

December 3, 2019

I’ve been completely busy with work and travels that I could write about my 50th Country only now. Magic Beirut surprised me at every corner: the culture is so close to the one in Italy, that I felt completely at home.

People are nice and friendly, although you may find a lot of them that don’t speak english, who cares?! Italian gestures are always useful! XD

Living in Saudi Arabia, I found so many Lebanese people and all of them suggested to go visit Lebanon before moving to my next country. And they were right!

Lebanon is not a big country, however it’s big in history. And that’s exactly what makes a place important and significant, in my opinion: History. So much to say, so much to see and so much to learn from a foreign perspective. Unfortunately we all know where Lebanon is situated and the dangers that might be in some parts of it. But.. we are in 2017, where even Paris, Berlin, Bruxelles etc. are now considered dangerous. There is no reason to avoid a country or city because of “danger”, unless there’s a war in process.

The situation in Beirut is more than fine, please do not be scared of news that came out years ago.


I had a very short stay, therefore I could only visit the city, but I’ll promise to go back again and take time to discover the country properly, starting from the ancient Byblos.

Walking through the historical district in the city and feeling in Rome at some point:

17022009_10210165917697063_2323683586842658308_n 17022403_10210165926897293_2314265778656084381_n



Beirut is a mix of everything, therefore you can find Churches and Mosques, modern buildings and old typical ones:

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17098536_10210165948737839_8297515853822888387_n 75574_10210165949497858_3823066916215391462_n


Going from one place to an other is pretty easy, just follow the sea and the promenade and you’ll get anywhere. Very safe as well. Taxi are a bit expensive as the whole city is (be aware of this!), but Uber are very much affordable and can save you from unexpected surprises (I payed 8 Euro for one Cappuccino… “-.-).

What’s so special in Beirut apart from history? The sea!! Nel Blu dipinto di Blu!




It has been an amazing weekend of fun, walkings, cultural discovers and friends get together! Thanks to my ex-compi Carlos that took me around the city with his local friends and showed me the best of the city.

Gracias Compi! Besos italianos!  


Beirut got THE NUMBER: #50