User Guide

At The Travel Pad, you can be part of a global community of people who love to travel and explore the world.

You can create visual stories of amazing places, discover the creations of other explorers and follow the ones that you love, share your thoughts and feelings as you get mesmerized by breath-taking landscapes or even choose to keep a journal of your travel experiences.

The world is larger than we imagine, and we hope that The Travel Pad can help serve to inspire and broaden your horizons.

Explore and Discover

Explore and discover new places by either clicking on the "Explore" button to see a random place or by heading into the curated section of The Travel Pad to browse featured collections as well as those created by other explorers.

If you see a place that really captures your attention, you can choose to favourite it, add it to a collection that you own, post a comment on Facebook, or write a short note to express your thoughts and feelings.

Remember though, there's no need to hurry or rush through each place - pause and take your time to admire and appreciate each view.

You can minimize the content card at its top right corner or drag it to the bottom of your screen on desktop if it obstructs your view.

Create Collections of Amazing Places

You can also choose to create personal collections of amazing places to share with others; there is also no limit to how many collections you can create.

Each collection can showcase multiple places, journals and notes - it's completely up to you to customise how it will look like!

Your collection may even be featured on The Travel Pad depending on its quality of writing, images and overall popularity.

Ps: You can also use the left and right keyboard keys to navigate a collection if there is more than one item in it.

Keep a Travel Journal

You can choose to write and share your travel journey with others on The Travel Pad - in fact, you are free to write about anything as long as it does not compromise our content restrictions under our terms of service.

Each journal entry can be assigned to multiple collections that you've created and allows you to set canonical urls to original content if needed.

Discover and Follow Other Explorers and Collections

Follow other explorers and stay updated about their activity.

You can also choose to follow collections that you like and they will appear in your user profile under the collections tab.