Adopt-A-Pet: Eve's Dog Adoption Taiwan

January 6, 2020

There are black ones and tan ones. Ones with short hair, long hair, and one that looks like it has a little goatee. Some lay in the shade of the trees, some play and socialize and some are being leisurely walked around the park. Every Saturday you can find all of these dogs here, along with Eve, up for adoption with Eve’s Dog Adoption and Adopt-A-Pet here in Taichung, Taiwan.


Sundays With Adopt-a-pet At Dong Xing Park

Eve’s Dog Adoption started over ten years ago by island known dog lover, Eve. Every Sunday (rain or shine), Eve orchestrates the dogs she rescued from injury, starvation, or overcrowding to come here to Dong Xing Park in Taichung, Taiwan. The dogs are here to socialize, find a good home, and to get some pretty nice photos taken to make their profile on Adopt-a-pet  (It’s like a dating profile for dogs). Since she began, Eve, along with the help of volunteers and donations, have sent over 1,000 dogs abroad to loving homes. But, these last ten years have been quite a journey for Eve and her dogs.

Taiwan has faced many challenges and triumphs surrounding the politics and place of stray animals. Eve grew up in Taiwan’s capital city, Taipei, surrounded with pets. Her parents had two dogs that Eve fell in love with as a child. Today, she herself has ten dogs at her home that she takes care of. These dogs “…are not up for adoption,” she told us. Each one has a special place in her heart. 

Adopt-A-Pet and Eve’s Dogs

At the park, she knows every dogs name, their temperament, how old they are and who is fostering them. “People don’t like mixed breeds, or older dogs” she told us. They often have a difficult time getting these dogs adopted. This is especially difficult in Taiwan where dogs are often not seen as pets to have inside your home.

It’s a process for these pooches to get their profile up on They get placed with other dogs and animals, interact with children, and get photos taken. and Eve ensure to make that you will get the pet that best blends with your needs.  Eve and her team spend countless hours of their time training, walking, and providing some good love and care for the the dogs up for adoption.  Most dogs even stay at volunteers homes while waiting for a permanent one. 





Taiwan’s Stray Dog Population

In 2017, Taiwan put into place a ban on the ‘mercy killing’ of stray animals. This means that shelters can no longer euthanize stray dogs. “This may not be a good thing though,” Eve said. Since then, the population of stray dogs have made the shelters and the streets overcrowded with dogs. The number of unwanted, neglected abandoned and stray animals that pour into the shelters far outnumber the good homes available to take them in. Along with this ‘no-kill’ law, another solution that Taiwan is trying is TNR, or Trap Neuter or Spay and Release. This is a long term possible solution for stray dog issues.

Eve raises all of the money by herself along with outside donations and help from other dog lovers. We asked Eve why she was drawn to this sort of work. “I have a soft heart,” she told us. “I see the dogs that can not help themselves, and I think I can help.”  Here, at Dong Xing Park, no matter how small the scale, it’s always a bit heartwarming to see people give so much care to other living things.

Want to adopt a dog?

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And here is Johan and Thula…