Hey, Let's Travel Around Taiwan Day 3: East Coast Taitung

January 6, 2020

Every time I end up sleeping next to the ocean, I find myself thinking about how long these waves have been rolling.

I think about the first time I stepped my feet into the salty water in San Francisco, seemingly, a lifetime ago. “Tomorrow,” Johan said. “Tomorrow we’re going to take the leap off that rock into it.”

Take the Leap

We call it Tinnies Rock. Its located on the East Coast of Taiwan just before you hit Wagaligong and the Dulan Sugar Factory. Not many people know about this spot, but if you’re adventurous enough, and want to get into nature a bit more, avoid the cafes and make a stop along the beach on Taitung’s coast.

Taitung, East Coast Taiwan

Taitung County is a wild paradise for the outdoor enthusiast. It’s the third largest county in Taiwan and is a beautiful place to cycle, surf, snorkel, or hike. Here, skin turns tan and hair curls into the wind. Here, the mountains are different than the rest of Taiwan. They fall into the ocean and cut through the sky. Take a drive along Route 199 and see what we mean for yourself.The beaches toward the southeast of Taiwan tend to be more sandy, and as you move north they turn to rock.

Things to do Around Taitung

  • Tiehua Music Village: Tiehuacun is an area, which is just adjacent to the old railway station. There are some restaurants and bars, which attract tourists as well as local people at night. Some restaurants offer music performances.
  • Xiaoyeliu: A small coastal park that highlights the beautiful rock formations caused by marine erosion. It doesn’t take long to walk through and take photos. Worth a stop if you’re in Taitung and want to stretch your legs.
  • Luye Highland Hot Air Baloon: The hot air balloon festival is in June through August, but if you have an extra hour this is a stop to catch a great view of the land below.
  • Popasagoan Seaside Park: Its a nice place to watch the sea and sunrise. Spacious and unblocked view of the ocean. The pavillion roof is made of rattan and provides shade during sunny day.

Breathe, And Jump In

Three, two, one.We swam the straight, we climbed the rock, and we jumped in. You should too.