Hey, Let's Travel Around Taiwan Day 4: Manbo Beach, Hualien

January 6, 2020

The trees begin to clear and a field opened up in the distance revealing a small road, fields of rice, and gorges of rock and rivers. Thanks to our friend, Pascal, we took Route 23 cutting from Taitung into Fulai just east of our destination for the night. Route 23 bends and binds and cuts through giants of earth and rock.

There are tunnels and little homes along the way. There are pomelo trees and papaya trees. A woman with a stick on her back carrying something we didn’t see stood at the opening of the tunnel.

Close Camping Spot to Toroko National Park

With our bikes on the back of the van, we headed towards Manbo Beach, Hualian. Just a half hour away from Toroko National Park, one of Taiwan’s most awe-inspiring natural wonders, we decided to set up the van here for the evening to get a full day of exploration tomorrow.

Manbo Beach is a Hugh, sandy (and rocky) beach in Hualien, Xincheng Township, not far from the entrance to Taroko National Park.

Manbo Beach

Here is the location to Manbo beach. As you’re driving along Route 9, there will be a small inlet on the right. From there, follow the road past the vacant bnbs and make a left at the end of the road. There is a sign, and a small cafe just at the entrance.

You can park here, or if you have a 4×4 vehical, drive right onto Manbo beaxh. It’s very easy to get to the beach. It’s only a two minute walk from the parking lot.

The shoreline is naturally paved by smooth rocks. We don’t suggest the passive swimmer take the water. The waves tumble the rocks making a thunder of sound every time one falls. As lovely as it sound it may be painful for your body. Please be advised that beach is very steep at the shoreline, causing a shore break. You’ve been warned.

Into the Night

Ominous Hulian mountains, a slight breeze, and a potjie. Oh yeah, we should probably plan Toroko Gordge for tomorrow too. Johan, where’d you put the map?