Hey, Let's Travel Around Taiwan Day 5: Taroko National Park

January 6, 2020

Toroko National Park has been on our Taiwan must see bucket list for some time now. We have been to Kenting, and have traveled around the east coast, but for some reason have never made it to Hualian’s infamous Toroko Gorge. After we rescued a stuck-in-the-sand Mercedes with the trusty Delica, we packed the van from our stay at Manbo Beach and continued North towards Toroko.

Photos don’t do Toroko National Park Justice. The gorges cut deep, deep into the earth dropping down into marble stone. We have lived in Taiwan for some time, and even though it is a tiny island, the massive stone you will see at Toroko will make you think otherwise.


Some History Behind Toroko National Park

The Highway was the first highway to cross Taiwan Central Mountain. Work began on July 7, 1956 and was completed on May 9,1960, over three years and nine months later. The main reasons for building the road were national defense, to shorten the traveling time between east and west Taiwan, to resettle decommissioned servicemen and also to allow natural resources to be moved. 

Every day 5000-6000 men worked on the highway, carving the highway across the mountains using explosives or hand tools and their own physical effort. Most of the workers were decommissioned military personnel recruited by the Retired Servicemen Engineering agency during the The Central Cross-Island Highway was built from “blood, sweat and tears. construction of the highway, 226 men were killed in work related accidents. Eternal Spring Shrine was built to commemorate the men who lost their lives.

Must Sees

  • The Gorge: The marble walled jewel in the national parks crown
  • Jhuilu Trail: Some of the best views of the gordge.
  • Swollow Grotto: Amazing patterns painted by nature.
  • Shakadang River: A green blue river that flows into the main waterway.
  • Qingshui Cliff: Cliffs that drop down to Taiwan’s edge.
  • Golden Canyon: You can swim here!
  • Eternal Spring Shrine: A good spot to gather some background about Toroko National Park

Qingshui Cliff

Take this drive. Its only about 20 minutes away from the Toroko gordge, and worth the short trip. You can see the edge of where the island of Taiwan meets the ocean. The Qingshui cliffs drop straight down high above the sea…way down.

Some.Fun Facts about Qingshui Cliffs

Looking out over the vast Pacific Ocean below. buoys can seen on the surface, and occasionally boats stop near them. Actually, under the buoys there is a large fishing net. This is a fixed fishing net, a kind of fishing that lets the fish come to the fisherman. To guide fish into the net, a fixed net is made of several parts including fence net, the purse seine and the first and second net cage. The fence net guides fish into the net; the purse seine is called the “sports field” by fishermen, the place where fish swim around and can still freely move in and out.

See Toroko National Park for Yourself

Whether your a visitor, a sightseer, or a local, Toroko National Park is a must see if you’re in, or anywhere near Taiwan.