Hey, Let's Travel Around Taiwan Day 6: East Coast Dong'Ao and Wai'Ao Beach

January 6, 2020

There is quite a contrast between Dong’ao beach and Waiao beach. Depending on what kind of expierance you want when traveling the east coast of Taiwan, an evening of fishing boats over an endless ocean or a day of surfing and plumes beachy umbrellas, you have plenty of options to choose from.

Dong’ao Beach, Yilan

We spent the night at Dong’ao Beach located in Yula, Su’ao Township. We woke up to a quiet sunrise and no other human in sight.

Its a beautiful 3.5 km long beach surrounded by mountains and fisheries in Yilan. The North Dong’ao River forms a pool of freah water in the center of the beach. Once you have made it to the entrance, just turn left and walk for about 10-15 min. This makes it a great place for swimming and camping because you can take a swim in the salty ocean water then wash off in the freshwater pool. Be aware of high tide when setting up camp… Which we almost learned the hard way.

I Think We Need a Shower…

So, here’s one of the big questions when making a Roadtrip in a van. Where do you shower? Some people have a shower built in, some people bring a portable shower, others hose off in a waterfall or lake. After doing the ladder, it was time we both had a proper shower.

Go to a gym? Take a day at a hot spring? Stay at a bnb for the night? Or… Go to the nearest beach town and use one of their outdoor showers. Sure, why not.

Wai’ao Beach, Yilan

Wai’ao Beach, also known as Gangao Beach, is located to the north outside of formerly bustling Wushi Harbor, hence the name Wai (meaning “outside”) ao. This beach is much more popular and easily accessible for those traveling by bus or train. It also offers amenities like places to eat, shower, drink or just hang out and catch some sun.

There is plenty of things to do here at Wai’ao you can…

  • Take surf lessons
  • Paraglide
  • Swim
  • Rent an umbrella
  • Socialize
  • Shop

However you enjoy the outdoors, traveling Taiwan’s East Coast is a great way to get out into nature, even if you need a little civilization near by.