Taiwan Temple Dance: Gods of the Tao

January 6, 2020

“We are the inheritors of that fire, It will never go out

Whatever the age or system may be, Though it may keep dull company”

-Farmer’s Song

,Wu Hsin-jung

Tainan, Taiwan:

May Jam Festival

We first met them when Johan and I were walking to our tent, trying to take a shortcut through a dirt path. The members gathered around, touching up their faces and getting into their brain spaces before their performance. They all lined up in an unspoken formation known through a lifetime of practice. They walked strong towards the front stage. Face paint, intricate, but demeanours remained calm as people in May Jam’s crowd gave space. They began. 

Like here at Tainan May Jam which is held annually bringing a mixture of locals, travelers, and tribes alike, encourages the people of Taiwan to come and see the beauty of what the countries diverse cultures have to offer. Like in most cultures, music and dance is used for important worshipping ceremonies. The dance the members of the group displayed in particular was the Xinhua JenSou Temple Dance.