Taiwan's Earthfest Revolutions: A Feast For Earthlings

January 6, 2020

They build the stages, and set up the artists. They gather the food vendors, and raise the tents. They set up for the predictable, and embrace what is the not so predictable.  

Through the long days and late nights it takes to set up for an event like this, Blaine and Monica, along with many spirited volunteers, have created a space that allows people to connect, step outside the pulses of everyday living and experience what it feels like to be uninhibited by the confines of what should be.

Ten years plus in the running, EarthFest Revolutions is an event that celebrates installation art, global electronic sounds, community activities and most of all the uninhibited feelings of being human.

Barefoot and ankle deep in mud, people from around Taiwan venture into the mountains of Miaoli, the woodcarving capital of Taiwan, for this three day art and music festival. Some wore raincoats, but others got a little dirty and embraced the closeness to nature.


Earthfest offers free hot showers, free camping (and cottages if that is more your pace) and delicious food vendors. Their creative philosophy is based on community principles centered around art, music, and volunteerism while maintaining  its independence by refusing any commercial or state sponsorship. This means that the purity Earthfest is able to stay true to its roots without the outside influences of business.

We caught Blaine between festival maintenance and the dance floor as he said, holding his arms out enthusiastically, “Good music, good vibes and good people. Gooood people.”


There was a tri-marathoner, a man in a dinosaur suit who rides his bike and makes zines, a fearless teacher with heart, a photographer who loves dogs, a man who stays balanced through balancing rocks, someone who likes to make game boards just because, a DJ computer animator who lives with one foot in front of the other, and a certified yoga instructor who makes some delicious pizza.

These are some the multidimensional humans who defy the life that should be. They come from all over the world, from all different walks of life. With mud on their skin, bellies full of good food, barefoot and ankle deep in nature, here they have a chance to talk, to connect and to enjoy the good vibrations that EarthFest has to offer.

It’s not for everyone.

But those who are curious enough, who decide to take off their shoes and let go into the flow; who are, but not quite so different, should indeed go and experience it themselves…and also eat one of those delicious fresh sourdough mozzarella sandwiches.