To Travel Like Birds

January 6, 2020

Behind us, early Easter morning set onto Lotus Pond where people fished and played and sat on lonesome crowded benches. Behind us was the sound of scooters and pidgeons and a stream of a single low hum.

A song the man knew well.

A woman a bench beside the man stretched her arms as if she was going to take flight.

Lotus Pond Kaohsiung Taiwan | Travel Taiwan | No Map Nomads

Behind us was a time before we knew this lifestyle was possible. To have experience through movement. In our lives both of us had been tethered to jobs that paid the bills, to places that we grew away from, to relationships our hearts weren’t in. How we wanted to live another way.

It is a conscious choice we both had to make at some point along the way. The transition to a lifestyle in motion like this is hard. Now, in the first act of our shift, we have tasted both the sweetness of happiness and bitterness of friction.

Lotus Pond Kaohsiung Taiwan | Travel Taiwan | No Map Nomads

How do you work in a life plugged into an apartment, a job, a lifestyle, all while building another?

How do you get a van in another country?

How many van building videos can you watch on a Friday night?

When will we sell the car?

Will this fit in the van?

How much does that cost?

How do you find alone time?

How do you live with another human in a foreign city in closeness?

What is the meaning of being free?

Why are we doing this again?

I think Johan and I both like challenges. We both like to often feel some hardship in life. The cold showers, the bare feet on small stones, the drive into unknown places through a thick of fog, the wet tents and uphill bike rides. It is what we like to do.

Vanlife is a lifestyle that is often projected to be glamorous. To be full of perfect sunsets, beautiful skin, and effortless destinations.

But cameras can only capture moments and destinations are not not met without a journey.

No Map Nomads is about the good moments; when you get to play frisbee beside the ocean, when you toast bread over a driftwood fire, when you get to hear the silence amongst the movement of fish, and when you get to wake up close to someone you love.

And all of the in-betweens.

It began to rain when we reached to top of the temple. The man was leaving his pigeons to flight to later meet them in Taitung with hope that on the way there they would not get injured, or captured or lose their path.

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