Travel in Taiwan: Kaohsiung's Famous Dome of Light

January 6, 2020

There are plenty of things to do here in Kaohsiung when traveling or on vacation. Among Lotus Pond, Pier 2 Art Center and visiting the local markets, Kaohsiung’s world famous Dome of Light is something you should absolutely make time to see.

This is Kaohsiung’s busiest metro stop. This is where people, often buried in the ‘where are we going next?’ walk amongst the solemnity of light and stillness of the Dome of Light. The Dome of light is is the worlds largest glass instillation measuring 30 meters wide and constructed of 4,500 pieces of glass panel. Go take a look for yourself.

Some Background Information about the Dome of Light

The Dome of Light is an attraction easily missed by visitors and tourists alike. In a city that expresses its cultural roots and contemporary history through public art pieces, like ones at Pier 2 Art Center, it is easy to see The Dome of Light, take a look, and move on. But, it is indeed worth more than a few moments of thought.

It took nearly four years to complete. The work was curated personally by Italian artist Narcissus Quagliata and shipped from Germany for installation at the station. The dome tells the story of human life in four chronologically arranged themes:

Water: The Womb of Life

Earth: Prosperity and Growth

Light: The Creative Spirit

Fire: Destruction and Rebirth, with an overall message of love and tolerance.

Each of the dome’s four quadrants echoes themes of Taiwan’s own tumultuous political history. The imagery moves through colors and images of painful growth and inevitable destruction but turns to rebirth and hope of something other.

How to Get There

Situated at the Kaohsiung MRT transfer station for the Red Line and Orange Line (Formosa Boulevard Station) the Dome of Light can be found in the B1 level of the Formosa Boulevard Station.

For those who are new to the MRT stops in Taiwan, when you walk in there are kiosks that will ask you how much you want to put in (based on where you want to go it will be about NT$ per stop) and how many people.

It will then dispense a little plastic coin that you use to enter the train area. Do not lose it! When you get off, you drop the coin into the exit slot and away you go.

Once you are at the Orange and Red line transfer station, get out and make a left. You will have to take the elevator upstairs to get to the area. It will all seem quite mundane as far as MRT stops go, then you will come up to a fairly large opening where Kaohsiung’s Dome of Light resides. There are also some shops and a 7-11 around the station where you can grab a trinket or some quick food.