What to do in Kaohsiung: Pier 2 Art Center

January 6, 2020

A Budget Friendly Day Trip

If you’re visiting Kaohsiung there are many things to see such as the local day market, or Lotus Pond. There is also Kaohsiung Pier 2 Art Center is a place for travelers and backpackers to enjoy a different side of Kaohsiung. Built with leisurely walking and biking paths, it’s Its an easily accessible destination for traveling on a budget or with family. Take a few hours, and take a look at the art pieces spread between the boulevards.


A Little History About Pier 2 Art Center

Built in the 1970’s as a busy hub for imports and exports of Southern Taiwan, it has recently shifted from an industrial based area into a colorful service sector. Pier 2 is  a place where tourist and travelers can come together to enjoy a difference scene in Kaohsiung. With the collision of artists and business entrepreneurs, Pier 2 Art Center has taken on a lively energy.  We suggest you get ready to take some selfies…


When to Visit

Located against the shipping piers, is the artistic warehouse cluster.  There is a flow of boats, and people and bicycles in and around the studios and galleries and shopping boutiques.  Pier-2 Art Center consists of three groups of warehouses laid out along two boulevards by the port. The first group features designer workshops, boutiques selling local and imported lifestyle products and trendy cafes. A flea market is also held here on weekend afternoons.



What Else Can You Do at Pier 2 Art Center?

The second group are former bicycle warehouses that now serve as a children’s performance area, and ice-cream parlour, Eslite bookstore and a cutesy stationery store. We suggest if you’d like to view some of the performances, to check out their website for up to date details. The third cluster has performance venues such as In Our Time, restaurants and installation works made with materials from the areas past.



The Takao Railway Museum is the first railway station in Kaohsiung built during the Japanese occupation. On November 9,  2008, the station was closed down to later be classified as a historical site by the Kaohsiung City Government. You can purchase a NT$149 pass which includes admission to a contemporary art gallery and a viewing tower, and a ride on a toy train. But, if you are on a tight budget, there are plenty of free things you could take part of.

This includes salon’s and exhibitions that happen on a monthly basis. Check out their webpage for more information about current exhibitions and events. Also take note that many of the designers’ workshops and boutiques at Pier 2 do not open until noon or 1pm.



Just Remember

Places like Pier 2 Art Center seem to have a timer on them. The cheap rent that drawn in the artists and creatives, the decisions to make some cash, the boutiques with the shiny things and keychains that start to move in, then the mass produced instagram-able art. People come, the look but, sometimes, don’t seem to see. Then, inevitably, the space turns in onto itself. But, you come and take a look for yourself.

“Great cooperation needs time and hardship to accumulate.”

Hours 10am-6pm Mon-Thu, to 8pm Fri-Sun and national holidays

Address: No.1 Dayong Road, Yancheng District, Kaohsiung City 803, Taiwan

Contact: (07)5214899 or (07)5214881

Website: https://pier-2.khcc.gov.tw/eng/