What to see while visiting Taipei, Taiwan: Jiufen Aerial, A Must See

January 6, 2020

If you’re taking a trip to East Asia, you need to make a stop in Taiwan. Taiwan is becoming one of the most popular travel destinations in East Asia, and for good reasons. Book a cheap flight, and go!

But, if you already know about Taiwan, chances are you already know about the capital Taipei, and Taipei 101, bubble milk tea, and events such as Taiwan’s Lantern Festival. But, if you’re looking for something a little more than a city experience, Jiufen City (yes, the setting of Spirited Away), is a place you need to check out for yourself.

Some Background To Know About Jiufen

Long, long ago there were nine families who lived in Taiwan’s city of Jiufen. Before the roads were built, before we had phones or computers or 7-11, everything not found within the land was received by ship. Each visit brought nine of each item. As a result, the small town was referred to as Jiufen, or nine pieces.

Though, the name would stay, this would all change quite soon.

Located within the Northeast Hills of Taiwan, Jiufen used to be the center of gold mining boom. In 1890, someone struck gold just west of Jiufen. The village with only nine families attracted prospectors of 4,000 people. It was nicknamed the Gold City of Asia, little Shanghai or little Hong Kong.

Today, since the gold faded away yet the beautiful streets and natural settings remain, Jiufen is a recommended travel destination for those who find themselves here in Taiwan. From sightseeing, to teahouses, to shopping and hiking, Jiufen is a must see if traveling Taiwan.