Tips for Traveling with a Young Child During COVID

September 16, 2020

Baby Eli waiting on the plane to arrive.

Our first trip with Elijah has been great; he has surprised us and made us proud to be his parents. He just turned six months old, and this trip to San Francisco, California, was a test to see how he would do and prepare him for our trips out of the country next year.

We have learned a few things from this past trip to San Francisco, it was eye-opening for us, and it also gave us much confidence for our future travel. The trip was a fantastic adventure, beautiful landscapes and we enjoyed everything that the city had to offer. We had fires around us with smoke heavy in some areas, but still a great trip.

“God Bless the people that are affected by the fires.”

I have many tips for you traveling to San Francisco, and I will share those with you in next week’s article. I know I skipped a week on Smart Travel, but it was tough to keep writing while on vacation, and I felt as if I was getting burnt out. So, I think the step back for a week has given me a refreshing look at the niches that I care about the most, and you will see more of that soon.
Now let’s dive into some tips to help you travel with a young child.

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Me feeding baby Eli on the plane.

Preparing is crucial

We prepared by researching if we could have baby water for his formula on the plane, and the answer is yes. When going through a security check, they will ask that you take his water bottles out and put them in another bin separately from your other carry-on baggage.

The stroller/car seat needs to fold up and goes on the conveyor with the other luggage, you can also check this before security checkpoint it’s free, or you can check it at the gate. Now our biggest lifesaver has been our “Doona” car seat that folds out to a stroller is the best money we have ever spent so far on our baby.

What did we do differently on the way back to Cincinnati? — We packed three bottles more of water for his formula; they allow prepped bottles, just not big jugs of water, so make sure you have the water or breast milk in the bottle, with formula in separate containers. We had only packed two the first time because we weren’t sure how many we were allowed.

Most people understand

I was worried about how others would react to our baby and be ass holes, but most people understand. They understand when Eli is screaming, so far, they have tried to help instead of the bad things I thought we would go through.
The crew is understandable that you have a baby, and even while having a COVID crisis, they understand that we still need to get up and move around to help calm the baby. Of course, we tried to keep him seated as much as possible to help prevent being close to other people.

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Momma feeding Eli while waiting on the plane.

Stroller helps

If you have a stroller, I recommend taking it through Security and not checking it until you reach the gate. Eli was so much easier to manage when we had something to push him in. Like I said earlier, if you have a convertible car seat to the stroller, these are worth the extra money you will spend.

3 Hour difference

It was hard the first night in San Francisco, we tried to keep him up as long as possible, but we were also tired from the travel. Of course, we learned the hard way as he woke up 3 hours earlier the next morning, smiling and ready for the day.
We made sure to keep him up extra late the next night and was back on his regular schedule for the rest of the trip.

Pack a baby carrier

You know the ones with straps going around the back and over your shoulders, you have the baby in front of you while you hike up to a beautiful view. It helped us as we love to hike to that outstanding view on top of a mountain. It can also help if you want to walk on the beach, and the stroller doesn’t move in the loose sand.

Long travel is best

Bigger planes have three seats on both sides, the seat in the middle is vacant due to COVID, which is fantastic for some of his stuff during the flight. Just make sure you remember to wipe it down with wipes before using it, and this seat is excellent for changing diapers throughout the trip.

Always have fun, stay safe, and travel the world as a family.

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My small Traveling Family.

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