Types of Map For Trips and Story Maps

April 3, 2020

When sharing our travel stories and journeys around the world, we sometimes wish we could bring our readers along so they could relive the same experience alongside us. After all, it can be difficult to capture the sense of adventure or describe exactly how much we've travelled from one place to another.

With our story maps and trips, you would be able to make your experiences more immersive and interactive as you bring your reader on a virtual tour of your adventure. As travel bloggers and creative content creators, you can now use maps as your canvas to share your stories with others around the world. Here are fifteen different types of maps that you can use as your medium of choice:

1. Streets Map (our default)

2. Dark Mode

3. Light Mode

4. Outdoors Map

5. Satellite Map

6. Treasure Pirate Map

7. Picture Book Map

8. PopArt Map

9. Standard Oil Map

10. Blueprint Map

11. Frank Map

12. Decimal Map

13. Woodcut Map

14. Pencil Map

15. Mineral Map