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Tony Tsap has explored 7.69% of the world!

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🇦🇹 Austria Visited

🇲🇪 Montenegro Bucket List

🇹🇷 Turkey Visited

🇹🇭 Thailand Visited

🇨🇭 Switzerland Visited

🇪🇸 Spain Visited

🇸🇮 Slovenia Bucket List

🇵🇹 Portugal Visited

🇵🇱 Poland Bucket List

🇳🇱 Netherlands Visited

🇲🇦 Morocco Bucket List

🇮🇹 Italy Visited

🇭🇷 Croatia Bucket List

🇮🇪 Ireland Bucket List

🇮🇩 Indonesia Visited

🇭🇺 Hungary Bucket List

🇬🇷 Greece Lived In

🇩🇪 Germany Visited

🇫🇷 France Visited

🇩🇰 Denmark Visited

🇨🇿 Czech Republic Visited

🇬🇧 United Kingdom Visited

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