7 thing to do in Dubai you have never heard of

March 20, 2020

Today I am going to share with you 7 things to do in Dubai that you probably have never heard of.

They are cool to check out if you have more time or if you are particularly interested in let’s say animals or shopping.

They are not a must-see but I certainly enjoyed them and I hope you guys do too.


1. City Walk

The City Walk is an outside mall that has a bunch of stores and restaurants.

It is located relatively close to the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Fountain, and Dubai Mall.

If you want to know more about those three, check out this blog post.


city walk, Dubai, mall

Dubai City Walk is lovely at night


A lot of the locals go to the City Walk, so it is not overrun by tourists like other places.

I would recommend going in the evening because the place is particularly pretty at night and during the day it would be too hot to walk around outside.


city walk, Dubai, mall

There are a lot of art installations and cool little places to take pics


A cute, little café that we checked out is the Secret Garden.

The walls are covered with flowers and it makes for some really pretty pictures.


secret garden, cafe, flowers

The Secret Garden is covered in flowers


They offer artesian-looking sweets and interesting drink choices. I had the Emerald Matcha and it was really good.

Here is a video from the City Walk.


secret garden, cafe, sweets

They have some amazing looking sweets!!!


2. Ibn Battuta Mall

The UAE is known as the land of malls so here is another one to check out.

What is interesting about this mall is that it is divided into different sections representing different countries – Egypt, China, India, etc.

I kinda forgot we were in a mall rather than some sort of gallery installation.


mall, design, Dubai

This area is dedicated to China


If you’re looking to go shopping and want to see incredibly beautiful ceilings and walls at the same time I would recommend checking out Ibn Battuta Mall.

Like all of Dubai’s malls, this one has a wide range of stores, restaurants, cafés as well as a movie theatre.

We just walked around and enjoy the architecture and beautiful designs.

Here is a video of the China section featuring a boat.

Here is a video of the Egyptian section.


mall, pretty

I mean look at the ceiling!!!


3. Kite Beach

Kite Beach is a lovely strip of sand on the Persian Gulf where you can sit down, relax and take it all in.

Facing one direction you can see in the distance the Burj Khalifa and if you face in the other direction (a little bit closer) you can see the famous hotel Burj Al Arab.

If you want to learn more about Burj Al Arab, check out this blog post.


unicorn, kite beach

Unicorns love beaches….Burj Al Arab in the distance


We didn’t really bring our bathing suits or towels so we just walked around and enjoyed the views.

There is a long boardwalk where you can take a nice stroll and pick the perfect spot to lounge.

The day we visited it rained (believe it or not) so there were not too many people on the beach but on a warmer day, there would’ve been a lot more people.

I did see some people swimming and I dipped my toes in the water and it wasn’t too bad (I was there at the beginning of April).

Here is a video of Kite Beach.


kite beach, Burj Khalifa, Perian Gulf

View of the other direction…Burj Khalifa in the far distance


4. Ras Al Khor

I must say I did not expect to find flamingos in the UAE. However, very close to the downtown you can find Ras Al Khor which is a wildlife sanctuary.

It is a preservation area with lagoons and mangroves that houses a large population of migratory and resident birds.

Ras Al Khor is free to enter.

There are three points to view the birds from and you drive from point to point. Point 2 was where the flamingos were.


Ras Al Khor, animal sanctuary, flamingo

This is stop 2 where the flamingos hang out


The other two points you see mostly marsh and you can spot some birds here and there but if you are short on time then go only to point 2 to see the flamingos.

In Ras Al Khor you can bird watch through these little huts (the 3 points) which are placed in strategic locations so you can observe the wildlife undisturbed.

It would be a good idea to bring binoculars if you have any.

It won’t take you too long to visit this place as that is all you can do there, drive to the three huts and “spy” on the birds.

One thing I have to warn you about is that the marsh water can smell pretty bad if the wind blows a certain way.

Here are some videos of the flamingos:

Ras Al Khor Dubai – Flamingos 

Ras Al Khor Dubai – Flamingos Par 2

Ras Al Khor Dubai – Flamingos Part 3


Ras Al Khor, protected habbitat, flamingos

Here we are “spying” from the hut lol


5. Emirates Mall

You guessed it, yet another mall on the list!

The interesting thing about the Emirates Mall is that it has the famous Ski Dubai which is essentially a ski hill in the middle of the mall.

Here you can also do the penguins encounter. We didn’t have a chance to go inside but we were able to see the penguins from the outside while other people were doing the encounter.


penguins, emirates mall

Cute little penguins


If you want to learn more about Ski Dubai check out their official website. Keep in mind that this attraction is very expensive.

However, they do provide you with all of the equipment you need so you can just show up and don’t have to worry about anything else.

Otherwise, Emirates Mall is very similar to the rest of the malls.

Here are some videos:

Mall of the Emirates – Ski Dubai Penguin Encounter

Mall of the Emirates – Ski Dubai Penguin Encounter Part 2


Ski Dubai, ski hill, mall

This is Ski Dubai skiing hill which also has other winter activities


6. Dubai Marina

I really liked Dubai Marina!! It is surrounded by a boardwalk with a lot of restaurants and cafés.

Also, around the Marina, there are a bunch of luxury condo buildings and hotels.

It’s a nice place to walk around and have dinner in one of the many restaurants with patios.

The Marina is man-made and you can see a lot of yachts and different boats driving up and down.


Dubai Marina, water, boardwalk

Dubai Marina featuring two boats and luxurious condos


We visited the Dubai Marina on the last day I was in Dubai (my flight was literally in the evening) so we didn’t have much time to explore as the Dubai Marina boardwalk is pretty long.

However, we had a chance to see the main part of it and had a nice dinner before I headed out to the airport.

Here is a video of Dubai Marina.


Dubai Marina, condos

View in the other direction


7. Green Planet

The Green Planet is a place where you can see a lot of birds and animals.

The building’s shape is very interesting (see below) and as you walk around most of the birds are free.

Inside it looks like a tropical rain forest and it features over 3000 different species of animals and plants.

There are a lot of birds, reptiles, bugs, a bat cave and even a tank full of piranhas.


green planet, animals

Such a cool building…inside is like a rainforest


The Green Planet is right across the street from the City Walk so you can see both of them on the same day.

It did not take more than an hour to see the whole thing. It operates daily from 10 AM to 7 PM with the last tickets being sold at 6 PM.

There are a bunch of different ticket packages and animal encounters that you can see over here.

We only paid for general admission. Both my friend and I really like animals so we both really enjoyed the Green Planet.

Here are some videos from Green Planet:

The Green Planet in Dubai

The Green Planet in Dubai – Wallaby Babies

The Green Planet in Dubai – Cute Bird


green planet, bird, animals

This little one came up to us and we took like a million pics of him/her lol




Mirdif City Center + Yummy Belgian Waffles & Crepes

We specifically went to Mirdif City Center to have breakfast at Yummy Belgian Waffles & Crepes.

This is probably one of the best brunches we had while I was in Dubai.

If you have time or if you are craving amazing Belgian waffles or crepes, I highly recommend checking out this place.

They also have a lot of locally inspired meals!!


food, waffles

This was our spread


You can see above the food that we had. Here is also where I tried the famous saffron latte.

However, keep in mind that the saffron latte is very sweet, and if you don’t like sweet drinks (like me) ask them to put the sweetener on the side.


cafe, mall, food

This is the cafe!! The food was amazing!!


So there you have it, 7 things to do in Dubai you have probably never heard of before.

Those are just a few things that I really enjoyed that I wanted to share with you guys, which are not the most famous or grand but have their own charm and certainly were a great experience.

This is the last blog post in the Dubai series. I hope you enjoyed them and that they were helpful.

We are now moving on to my latest trip to Vancouver.