How I created my blog (and how you can too)

March 20, 2020

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This blog post will be a little bit different than my usual travel-related ones. It will be more on the personal side, as I share how I started my blog and the challenges I have experienced since then.


How did I decide to start blogging?

The first time I started reading blogs was when I was travelling somewhere. I would usually go on Pinterest and search the destination that I’m going to and read a bunch of articles.

Reading travel blogs before going anywhere was extremely helpful.

As much as I enjoyed reading them, I never thought I could do it myself, as I had no idea how to create a blog or do any sort of social media (I have a degree in Finance).


blogging, create a blog

And just like that, I decided to create a travel blog



Last June (2018), my mom and my sister went to Cuba on a vacation for the first time in a very long time.

Both of them had no idea what to pack, how to prepare or what to expect. I have been to Cuba three times now, and I was able to help them have a seamless trip.

At that point, I realized that if I could help them then I could help other people as well.

I told them my idea and they agreed that without my help, their vacation would have probably turned out to be a disaster.

They said that other people might also benefit from my help. At that moment, I decided that I’m going to go for it.


Doubts and fears

I’m sure everybody can relate to having a lot of doubts, especially at the beginning of starting their blog or any new challenge in life.

I kept on thinking, “who the heck is going to read your blog?”

There are so many people out there who do the exact same thing and who are better at writing and already have a big following.

Who would care about what I have to say? I mean, I’m not a writer [English is not even my first language].

How am I going to compete with people who went to school for writing or ones who studied computers?


fear, doubts

We have to kick all the fears and doubts in the butt



Honestly, the only thing that made me go for it is the fact that I just wanted to share my story.

At the end of the day, no matter how good of a writer a person is or how many followers they have, we all have a different story to tell and a different voice with which we tell our story.

Even if you and I go to the same place at the exact same time and write a blog post about it we would both have completely different viewpoints and experiences that we want to share.

That means that we are not in competition with each other but rather we are all here to tell our story and help our audience with whatever it is that we can.

We cannot let fear and doubts stop us from our dreams!! Everybody is unique and sharing our experiences, thoughts, tips can help someone improve their life.

I mean what a better reason to silence our doubts than helping other people.


Coming up with the name and idea for the blog

So when I was done with all the doubts and fears (mostly), I started thinking of what exactly should my blog be about and how should I name it.

Oh my goodness, it took me so long to come up with the Travel Addicted Unicorn!!!

I am really passionate about travel and I knew it was a very popular topic so then how do I stand out from all the other travel bloggers out there.

So I originally decided to call the blog the Travel Unicorn.

As you can probably guess that name was already taken. I brainstormed and Googled all sorts of words that I can add to complete the name.


unicorn, travel blog

I really liked the idea of being a unicorn lol



Suddenly one day out of nowhere I decided that I’m going to name my blog the Travel Addicted Unicorn. And believe it or not the domain was available and so were all the social media.

So that was the day the TAU name was born (after literally six months of trying different names that were not available or I didn’t feel like they were the right fit).

The reason why I picked unicorn was that first of all I really like unicorns (duh!) and second of all, I thought it would be memorable and interesting.

Also, I thought taking pictures with a unicorn horn can be something that was not done before.

For my niche, I wanted to focus on millennial women who were just beginning to travel and needed some inspiration to go ahead and explore our beautiful world.


The Start of the TAU Blog

So we were done with the doubts, we had the name, the generic idea, and niche but now what? Where do I start!!

I spent at least three or four months Googling things and trying to figure out how to do everything.

However, essentially I just got very overwhelmed and the only thing I was able to accomplish was to sign up for BlueHost, domain and WordPress and just kind of sit there and look at it.

I was so determined that I could do this by myself that I struggled for quite a while.


defeat, sad,

I didn’t think I could do it and was about to give up



There was too much information on the Internet, I didn’t know how to do anything, I didn’t know what order I should do things in, etc.

To make a long story short I created my blog – got hosting, domain and WordPress.

But then I had actually no idea how to design the blog or what theme to install or what plug-ins I needed or how to set them up properly.

I was just all over the place!

Eventually, I was so overwhelmed and defeated that I thought that I was probably not good enough for this and maybe I should just give up before I waste more money and time.



Right around the time I was about to give up, I randomly found a course that seemed very interesting.

Like I said before I was really determined on doing everything by myself and figuring it all out and not spending any money on training.

But then I realized “how can you do a job without any training?” You go to college for four years just to find an entry-level position.

How can I suddenly acquire this knowledge??


happy, excited, blog

Found a course that was going to help me create my blog


I kept on researching the course, looking for reviews, following the creators on social media, signing up for their newsletter for a good two months before I finally decided that I’ve stalled enough.

I confessed to myself that I can’t do this on my own and I don’t want to waste any more time.

Eventually, I decided to purchase the course as a gift for my birthday and to put in the work in order to actually be able to launch my blog rather than staring at an empty WordPress dashboard.



The course that I’m telling you about is created by Alex and Lauren from Create and Go. The course is called Launch Your Blog Biz.

Alex and Lauren had regular day jobs, which they quit in the pursuit of creating a blog and working from home.

Now they have two blogs where they earn 6 figure income a month (so they really know their stuff). You can learn more about them here.



course, blogging

Found Alex and Lauren’s course and after few months decided to buy it



What I like about the course is that you’re supposed to launch your blog within one month.

They give you a checklist which you can follow in order to complete all tasks in the proper order and at the proper time.

It took me more than a month to launch mine but I was also very picky about how the things looked, how good the blog posts were etc.

Overall I could’ve launched earlier if I didn’t want everything to be perfect.

Honestly, I don’t think I would’ve launched my blog and you would not have been reading this right now if it wasn’t for their course.


It covers all the basics:


Overall, everything you need to know if you are a complete newbie. And let me tell you something, I learned a lot!!!

A year ago I had no idea what BlueHost was or what was the difference between domain and hosting.

Now I’ve had my blog running for 7 months (it is September 2019)!!!



course, create and go

I finally bought the course and started working towards launching my blog



If you’re interested in their course and you want to start your blog today, you can check all the course info here (affiliate link).



Overall I’m very happy that I purchased the course and that I was able to launch my blog on January 23, 2019, after endless struggles, going back and forth, trying to figure stuff out and so on.

And like I said I don’t think I would’ve been able to do all this without actually investing some money in educating myself on how to do it properly.

After trying to do it on my own, I realized that I was just wasting my time.

If you want to be a doctor you don’t just read a bunch of stuff on Google and go and do the surgery lol.


thumbs up, success

So glad I bought the course and kinda kick myself for not doing it sooner


I mean if you don’t invest in yourself, how do you expect anyone else to invest in you.

The journey of blogging is a slow process and it takes a lot of time and hard work but I would not have it any other way.

I absolutely love blogging, telling people about my story and meeting so many of you great people on social media.

I look forward to being able to expand my blog and my social media presence and hopefully one day be able to look back and be extremely proud of myself.