Have you heard of Hue | VIETNAM | ?

October 3, 2020

Hue at glance

One of the highlighted places to visit when traveling in Vietnam is definitely Hue. The nightlife isn’t as vibrant as Saigon, the culture is not prolong as Hanoi, Hue have no ancient walking streets like Hoi An, etc. but Hue is an unmissable piece for the complete experiences of Vietnam.

Hue was the old capital of Hanoi. Gia Long King moved capital from Hanoi to Hue in 1802; and then Hanoi became country’s capital again when the Nguyen Dynasty of Vietnam was totally collapsed in 1945.

During the reign of Nguyen Dynasty, there almost no war happened that the country was in peace and the country had time to build up and enriched the culture.

Therefore, Hue will leave your trip with impressive exploration of the Imperial Citadel and Kings’ tombs completed before their deaths, the traditional villages where the highest skills were required to provide the most beautiful for the royal family, and sophisticatedly sumptuous cuisine.

There are direct flights of just over 1 hour from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh to Hue. Or else, the tourists can drive by land from Hoi An and Da Nang to Hue passing famous Hai Van Pass. The oversea cruises also can include Hue by embarking at the Chan May Port for the tourists to take land tours.

Must-to-see places of Hue

There are stunning places and things to do in Hue. This city definitely will amaze you. Let’s have a glance at highlights of Hue as below. Wanna see detailed descriptions of them, check out this page for your references before travel: http://bonzertour.com/blogs/hue-the-unmissable-mosaic-perfects-a-vietnam-journey-n21.html

Imperial Citadel

Minh Mang Tomb

Tu Duc Tomb

Thien Mu Pagoda

Perfume River Cruise

Khai Dinh Tomb

Hundred years garden houses

Eat local tasty dishes

Off-the-beaten track spots

Beside seeing the most outstanding spots in Hue, there are unique things to do in Hue that make your trip like no one’s.

While the main folks gather to the famous sightseeing spots, you can try below things. Detailed introduction of these experiences were well shared by #Bonzer_TOUR. Let’s hit the link: http://bonzertour.com/blogs/what-make-hue-stunned-and-unmissable-n24.html

Cruise over Chuon Lagoon and enjoy local seafood

Cycling to the handicraft villages of paper flower and Sinh Painting

Spend a day on the Phuoc Tich pottery island

Intermingle with local women at Phu Cam conical hat village

Make Vietnamese incenses at Thuy Xuan Village

Hike up to the Bach Ma National Park

Stay lazy on pristine Lang Co Beach

Visit one of the two remained DMZ in the world

With regards of above attractions, Hue is must to visit place when travel to #Vietnam. Let me know if you have any questions.