My 4th trip to Hue is amazing by photography

January 9, 2021

Hue has always been my favourite traveling destination of Vietnam that makes me coming here a couple of times. People always assume that Hue nightlife is so boring which means there are not many entertainments; plus the rain in Hue makes us feel much less excited. These assumptions are totally right and I had experienced too. However, 3 trips to Hue doesn't stop me from returning to this place as there are so much things to do. Each trips brings me different experiences.

Previous times, I visited Hue to see the highlighted spots and explore roundabout. I also wrote about these experiences. Check-it out in my writing for Bonzer Tour HERE

For those may not know it, Hue is the former capital of Vietnam that there are many lovely essenses and historical information for us to learn about. All were just awesome for an eager-to-learn and culture lover like me. This time is definitely a new try when I decide to do only photography here. 

Hmm, I have to confess that I'm not expertised at photography at all; but I do love my outcome. Just imagine, if you have a better camera and some advanced knowledge in photography, Hue will be more charming. But don't worry much, my original concerns were gone away when I was there because the landscape and things are already fantastic and picturesque. 

The best places in Hue for photography are:

The Imperial Citadel
This is a pretty large place that taking around 2 hours to visit and hear the introductions about its history and architecture. For photography, it also takes around 2 or more than 2 hours. If you intend to take photos, just come here early at the opening time and be the first ones entering the Citadel. 

Minh Mang Tomb

Minh Mang Tomb is the one that I really love. The Nguyen Kings prepare their own rest-in-peace place before their passes. Minh Mang King is large and stunning with the setting on mountain. Fengshui characteristics are well gathered with main halls, parralled ponds, the towers, etc. 

Khai Dinh Tomb
Khai Dinh is the 12th of 13 Nguyen kings of in Vietnam that he had chances to learn and observe the westerns and modern cultures that his resting tomb is very different to the others. In scale, it's pretty modest; the architecture and sophisticated designs of it do not. Besides, there are photos of him and his funeral for visitors' more vivid information.

Tu Duc Tomb
Tu Duc is the King who love the beauty and making poems that his tomb also show his characteristics. Tu Duc Tomb is large and peaceful with a pavillion on lake where he could came, drink wine and make poem. Yes, the after life is same to when the kings lived.

Xuan Thuy Incense Village
Located not so far from Tu Duc Tomb, this village can be found easily when you drive over and see the colorful bunches of incenses exposed on the pavements. 
The local people let us learn their traditional way of making the incense sticks and then have free time to take photos. We didn't buy any products of them, and just gave the old woman 2 bucks to support. 

Chuon Lagoon
This place is around 15km from city center. This lagoon is totally intact. No mass tourism. We contacted a local man and visited his fishes raising area on the lagoon.
Cruising over the lagoon and handed on catching the fish was so exciting. It was a winter day that the we weren't lucky to see the sunset. I promise myself to be back on another season. 

Thien Mu Pagoda
Thien Mu Pagoda is said to be the tallest pagoda in Vietnam. It is located on a hill facing Perfume River. The surrounding ambience was to peaceful. Early morning is the greatest time to visit this place when things just wake up and the crowd haven't reached yet.

Mistakes make perfect, yeah. There are some experiences that I gained through this trip regarding photo taking. These are really important to know to capture the best shots.
+ Hue is not a touristy place of Vietnam like Hoi An, Halong Bay, etc.; however the crowds and some people still play a role in stopping you from grasping a perfect picture. Then consider to manage your schedule and visit the place at the time that different to the crowd. This can be done as in photography, the best time to take a-life-time photo is one - 2 hour after the sunrise and before the sunset. 
+ Expecting that the crowds will ask for a patience to wait other tourists leaving out of your camera frame. Well, this is the public place and you have to wait, right?
+ Each places are beautiful at different time of the day and this should be done with a serious research in advance to arrange a suitable schedule. For instance, Chuon Lagoon in Hue is at most enchanting during sunset. In another moment, you can come there early in the morning to firstly capture the sunrise and secondly getting the fishermen returning to the mainland after a "night shift" catching fishes on the ocean
+ Local factors are very expected but give you very vibrant photo with a truly meaningful story behind it. Let take another story of my trip as example: we came to the Xuan Thuy incense village with the purpose to film the proceses of making the incense sticks with a local. However, the hospital and happy local woman let us take more incenses gross bunches to expose under the sun for her that we had a larger background. She was so amazing in that photos.
+ Getting with you a local who isn't only local. All I mean is that finding the one who really understand the place and can make suggestions for you. He or she can advise you where, when, how to go and the best things to do.

If you don't have a friend yet, I highly recommend Bonzer Tour with a very supportive team to make suggestions and recommenedation for your trip. This is a local agency and their prices are unbeatable. Trust me!

And some other places that I didn't have chance to reach due to time limit like the conical hat village, paper flower village, etc.